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What makes The Shift Chiropractic different?

Dr. Ben Glass and Dr. Irina Velichko

Dr. Ben Glass and Dr. Irina Velichko — Founders, The Shift Chiropractic in Oakland, CA


What would you do if you knew that a small shift such as a chiropractic adjustment could truly benefit your overall mental clarity, focal abilities, physical functioning, mind-body relationship and consciousness? Chiropractic care is for everyone including, but not limited to: infants, children, expecting mothers, athletes, car accident victims, the elderly, and anyone who is open to experiencing a shift in personal health and wellness. We see patients who are experiencing problems with pain, as well as patients who simply desire to put forth more effort in achieving optimal well-being.

Serving The Downtown Oakland Community

The Shift Chiropractic is a place where people come to receive quality attention and much needed valuable care. Our focus is to see our patients thrive with healing, well-being, and total health consciousness.

We find peace of mind in offering our patients a dynamic, yet calming atmosphere; a relaxing, welcoming energy presence.  Our office is a safe space which facilitates your best possible chiropractic adjustment, and the knowledge to support your growth in body, mind, and spirit.

We take pride in delivering the Progressive Chiropractic Experience!

Our Practice is located on the corner of 8th & Broadway in Downtown Oakland.