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About the Shift

What is The Shift?

Dr. Glass opened The Shift Chiropractic & Community Wellness to serve the Oakland and larger Bay Area community through the combined efforts of chiropractic adjustments and holistic health wellness. He perceived a need in his community for chiropractic health care that reaches all members of the community, and has the ability not only to address pain in the body, but to go beyond that to transform health and awareness, and use the tool of chiropractic care to support the body in expressing its full healing potential.

The Shift is different from older, more traditional chiropractic methods due to its unique model of individual and community wellness.

  • Shift your mind-body connection (Vitalistic Chiropractic Wellness)
  • Shift your focus inward (Listen Well)
  • Shift your mindset (Think Well)
  • Shift your breath awareness (Breathe Well)
  • Shift your physical activities (Move Well)
  • Shift your food choices (Eat Well)
  • Shift your water intake (Drink Well)
  • Shift your sleep patterns (Sleep Well)
  • Shift your communication techniques (Communicate Well)
  • Shift your environmental structure (Be Well)

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