What would you do if you knew a small Shift, such as chiropractic could help you live a healthier, happier & exciting LIFE?

Chiropractic is for all ages: infants, kids, pregnancy, athletes, adults and older populations. We see people who have problems and pain, to people who are working on projects for their health in efforts to achieve optimal well-being.

The Shift Chiropractic is a place where people come to get quality attention and focused care they need and are looking for. It is about people emerging to better health, healing and wellbeing.

The calming atmosphere, relaxing presence, dynamic visits, and lively music are unique and unlike the typical doctor’s office. The Shift is a safe space which facilitates your best possible chiropractic adjustment, and the knowledge to support your growth in body, mind and spirit.

At The Shift we deliver the Progressive Chiropractic Experience! Our Practice is located on the corner of 8th and Broadway in Downtown Oakland!