Ultimate Guide to Structural Mobility 2019

What is Structural Mobility?The body is made up of nerves, neurological structures, bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments which all work together to create movement and this is structural mobility. It helps to break down each part of the body so there is understanding on how much mobility affects our structure, or body alignment, and in […]

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How to Choose The Right Oakland Chiropractor

Finding the Right Oakland Chiropractor Can Be TrickyIt is important to acknowledge, is that there are different kinds of chiropractors. Some Chiropractors will take x-rays to determine structural imbalances and others will rely on a series of function focused neurological scans to determine stress levels and energy efficiency.  Some Chiropractors will offer only long term plans […]

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8 Step Wellness Formula

8 Step Wellness FormulaOakland Chiropractors Aiming People Toward WellnessFor us, being Oakland Chiropractors, providing Healthcare is about providing people who seek our care with a path that is clear enough they can understand and supportive enough that they can walk down it and explore what it has to offer. In our world, this path is […]

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The Foot Fist Way

The Foot Fist Way: Build Your FoundationThe human foot has 26 bones and even more joints that all work together harmoniously to conduct our natural walking activity. When asking patients what the primary function of the foot is, they usually reply with “balance” or “Im not sure”. This is a critical question because your feet […]

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Why Chiropractic Wellness


Wellness Chiropractic to Stay Healthy Long TermYour Oakland Chiropractors for Chiropractic WellnessChiropractors living in Oakland understand the stressful challenges people are facing on many levels and can help you adapt a little better to these stresses. By improving your health with chiropractic, you can balance your body long term. Connect with us at The Shift […]

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The Truth About Pain and Healing

Healing process is like climbing a mountain

“Thank you, you fixed me.”  As chiropractors, this is something we often hear. But it isn’t entirely accurate. Wouldn’t it be great if one adjustment was enough to resolve our pain? Unfortunately, this doesn’t align with the scientific principles of healing. Unless it’s the result of a traumatic joint injury, most pain appears slowly over […]

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