Wellness Essentials: The Water Shift

In this post we give you strategies to Shift your Water Intake so you can drink intelligently and achieve less pain because of better function in your body and more wellness in your lifestyle.Top 5 Wellness Essentials for Water and Conscious Living1. Don’t dictate the amount of water you drink on thirst (thirst is a […]

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Conquer Your Chronic Stress With This Simple Strategy

Stress dominance for extended period of time—NOT GOOD Body doesn’t know whether you are running for your life, arguing with someone, watching the computer screen in a toxic posture Eventually the body hit’s a threshold where the negative, toxic activities that are stressful start to signal pain & aching, itching & tingling, numbness and skin rashes, headaches […]

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How Healthy Is Your Spine?

Were you recently involved in a car accident? Do you suffer from deteriorating vision, eye pain, light sensitivity or tearing? Do your bones make cracking sounds when you turn and move your neck, back or joints? Do you often experience headaches, a stiff neck or discomfort in your lower back? Does your neck have good range of motion? Are you […]

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