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Your Oakland Chiropractors Are Here To Help

We are Dr. Ben Glass D.C. and Dr. Irina Velichko D.C., your chiropractors at The Shift. We were trained to handle difficult and complex cases by a strong lineage of healers who have dedicated their lives to the refinement of chiropractic skill and providing loving touch to others. The Shift office is right across the street from Old Oakland. Those who use the free green bus can drop off right outside our office building.

Our Oakland Chiropractors want you to feel a greater connection to yourself without the stress of adding yet another appointment into your busy calendar so we have designed our care to meet the needs of Oakland workers and residents:

Quality Chiropractic

When dealing with pain, it is important to work with a professional who is exceptional at what they do. You only get one body so your Oakland chiropractor should be something you take seriously and research well. We believe our skills are suited for most people and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of health care we provide.

Flexible Hours

Everyone has a demanding schedule that threatens their ability to key in on their wellness essentials and continually work on their health and wellbeing. In effort to support people in Oakland CA with chiropractic care, we provide early morning, evening, lunch and weekend hours to keep our care available for patients committed to their health. 

Centrally Located

Chiropractors in Oakland Ca are spread out across many neighborhoods which is really important because proximity to work and lifestyle activities cities is critical for patients who are regularly visiting their chiropractor. Our office is at a crossroads to offer Jack London Square, Downtown and Uptown Oakland Chiropractic Care by Oakland Chiropractors.

Below are some of the most important resources we can provide to help you get familiar with our office:

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Oakland Chiropractor Thoughts

Here our Oakland Chiropractors Dr. Irina and Dr. Ben explore wellness and health related topics which you can expect to learn more about at The Shift

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