3 Ways to Adapt in Oakland August 2020

“Discover how the Narrative affects your psyche and rise above the noise to unveil your own truth”

Dr. Ben

The Shift Chiropractic Plan for August 2020 and Beyond

Have an Illness Strategy

Have adaptation protocol practiced and ready to be implemented if you get sick with the 'rona'.

Every Chiropractor and doctor will have different perspectives on how to deal with the virus. Our approach focuses on things you can do like

  1. See a Chiropractor
  2. Juice your greens
  3. Cleanse your colon
  4. Move your body
  5. Trust in your adaptability  

Practice Proactive Health 

Work with us for a comprehensive supportive approach of positive body-mind-spirit choices not to be underestimated or hesitated upon. 

Simple choices like water filters and air purifiers provide nutrients and minimize the toxicity in your air and water. Get a 5g protector to offset radiation and negative ion reduction. See the connection between you and your environment. 

Shift Your Narrative

See the connection between the arcs in narrative espoused by the media and our mental capacity to adapt. 

You are either stressed or relaxed and if you are watching the news and listening to the narrative then there is likely a fear that the virus is stronger than your body and even if that's true there are things you can do to fight back and level the field.

Want a High Caliber Chiropractic Care?

Take care of your most prized possession with either Drs. Ben or Irina for a high quality Chiropractic experience.

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Basic at Home Wellness Approach 

Some of the Tips we provide to clients


  • Optimize your workstation / areas of focus
  • Install amenities to improve air and water
  • Create rhythms to disconnect from technology 
  • Have a regular stretch routine that is efficient
  • Offset postural stress with aligning practices
  • Designate a space to relax and rest


  • Sit in funky positions and neglect your options
  • Stay inside all day and fail to walk outdoors
  • Dehydrate yourself and stay with tech all day
  • Stay up late watching movies and screens
  • High sugar, low fiber, low fat 
  • No Chiropractic care, no mobility in spine 


Listen to your self and make good choices that will save your life and inspire a loved one to make it through these challenging times. Be attuned to your spine, breath, energy and environmental factors to minimize stress and maximize your life force flow. Let us know if you need anything, we are here to serve you in Downtown Oakland at The Shift Chiropractic.