Holistic Approach? Full Breakdown of our Care

The Reality: Most People Have never been Educated about Chiropractic

Growing up in a family of Medical Doctors did not afford me the opportunity to discover Chiropractic until I was in my 20's. Initially, I thought Chiropractic was some alternative option that was only ever needed if the first couple of approaches (prescriptive meds or physical therapy) didn't help me overcome pain and move on from the injury or discomfort I was having. As a result, I entered Chiropractic school unaware of the potential that Chiropractors could achieve working with patients from all backgrounds; sick and healthy, injured and striving to achieve peak performance.

Luckily, my schooling helped me understand how the body-mind connection and how Chiropractic can directly impact the most central of the body systems; the nerve system, which is protected by the spinal column and the main focus when you see and hear about Chiropractors focusing on the spine in their clinical approach.

After practicing for over 7 years, it has become apparent that the typical patient who is seeking out Chiropractic care has a basic idea of what they will get when they come after watching some youtube videos, but has little perspective on how varied the approach of Chiropractic can be depending on the office you enter. This is the purpose of this post; to help you gather the pieces of information you need to make the right decision, an informed decision, that allows you to choose the best Oakland Chiropractor to work with. 

Our Oakland Chiropractors are Skilled, Holistic and Scientific


Chiropractor has the ability to deliver the goods and provide you with world class adjustments


Chiropractor can see how your body-mind is imbalanced and provide you with deep insights


Chiropractor is honoring the laws of healing and giving an accurate care plan to support your goals