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Oakland Chiropractor Cost

Chiropractic is becoming a crucial part of the holistic health care. Since it focuses on prevention, it is invaluable part of our current health care system where the recent goal is to keep health care costs down. Surgery and emergency room visits are expensive, more than the preventative long-term care from your local chiropractor. Chiropractors are doctors that specialize in spinal, extremity joint health and overall well-being. But unlike conventional spinal treatment, we use spinal adjustments to address a range of imbalances associated musculoskeletal dysfunction and other health problems related to the abnormal motion, alignment in the spine and peripheral joints. The conditions that arise from the abnormal function of joints are endless ranging from headaches, anxiety, fatigue, knee/foot pain, disturbed sleep, decreased immune system to neck and back pain to name a few. Apart from addressing spinal disorders such as vertebral subluxation, some chiropractors also provide lifestyle recommendations and exercise advice.  That’s what we do at The Shift Chiropractic.

What most people may not know is that pain is a body's signal when spinal nervous system is not working well. When we examine your spine and extremity joints and determine that it can be addressed with chiropractic, we will recommend a frequency and duration of visits based on expedited sustainable recovery. If you have been struggling with back pains due to work posture, falls, accidents, repetitive stress, or sedentary lifestyle, a chiropractor can help reset your spinal system and you may find that you have more energy, focus, less pain than you had before. 

The point of this post is to be transparent about the cost to see a chiropractor in Oakland CA. Realize you are making an investment in yourself when you choose to see a Chiropractor. There are over 100 Chiropractic offices in Oakland CA so you need to do research and why we created this post.

How much visits at our Oakland Chiropractor cost?

 Our goal is to ensure that our chiropractic services are available for all residents in Oakland and surrounding areas of Alameda, San Leandro, Berkeley, Richmond, and San Francisco.  Chiropractor's niche, equipment, additional modalities used, their office overhead cost, time spent with each client, private vs open adjusting can also drive the cost up or down. 

Our visits:

  • cost between $53 to $70 dollars non-insurance price based on the care plan
  • last approximately 10-15 minutes
  • comprehensive full-body approach
  •  private one-on-one sessions, there is usually only one person on a table, per room that is getting adjusted
  • can include lifestyle/movement recommendation support

Healing Pain Naturally 

Chiropractic is one of the most popular holistic health approaches, although it is under-utilized in the country overall. Up to 14 % of the entire U.S. population seeks chiropractic care in their lifetime. Healthcare costs are higher than they have ever been before, creating a huge strain on our economy and individual.  We need a more sustainable option that decreases overall costs and produces sustainable results without over-dependence on drugs and surgery. Chiropractic care is part of the solution.

We offer a few chiropractic care plans designed for address various health goals/needs.  For people who are looking to get solely symptomatic temporary relief (auto-accidents, falls, recent trauma excluded from this estimate), we offer basic packages of 12 + visits ($700 +).  For those who are interested in not only symptomatic relief, but sustainable heath care support and wellness lifestyle, we offer plans consisting of 25 + visits ($1330 +). We offer auto-debit option for recommended plans ranging from  $233 to $260 dollars a month on average 3-6 months. The results with chiropractic care  vary  as with most approaches.

Some people experience pain relief faster and some make take longer.  The recovery time depends on many variables including:


- person's age

-level of physical activity

-soft tissue constitution (ligament strength, joint hyper-mobility, muscle tone)

-quality of nutrition

- water intake

-length of time they experienced pain/dysfunction

-number/age of trauma/injuries

-type of work (sedentary vs active)

 Car Accident Recovery with Chiropractic:

Most people who have been in a car accident at least experience some soft tissue injury from ligament sprain/muscle strain due to the velocity and magnitude of the impact to their vulnerable spinal joints. Most commonly known as a "whiplash",  it leads toa number of neurological, musculoskeletal imbalances that range from headaches, brain fog, irritability, back/neck pain, disturbed sleep, post-concussive symptoms. In addition, an impact to the shoulder, knee, hip, elbow can also create more serious tears, fractures, and/ or bone bruising. Chiropractic care is essential aspect of car accident recovery.  Depending on individual variables such as mechanism of the collision (speed and location of impact), type of car (truck vs sedan), past trauma/car accidents an individual experienced, level of injury ( fracture, disc injury, level of soft tissue tear, etc.)  age of the individual, pre-existing symptoms, level of physical activity, nutritional health, how well a person follows care recommendations can all effect the recovery time. Most people with minor injuries stabilize within 2 months-4 months.  For moderate to severe injuries, it can take longer from 3 months and up to 1 year +. 

Some spinal research shows that spinal ligaments can repair up to 24 months post-accident/trauma.  It does not mean one will be symptomatic for that long.  But chiropractic care may need to be reinforced to get the most out of healing and to minimize residual symptoms. 

The cost of post-car accident recovery care can range from $2000 to $5000+.  The goal of the care is to help the individual to return to the pre-injury status. The care is comprehensive and can include specific adjustments to the ribcage and extremity joints, self-care home recommendations, specific exercises, spinal traction, myofascial release, frequent re-exams and more.   However, this cost is usually usually covered by the patient’s auto insurance coverage- Medpay/PIP.  If the individual does not have medical coverage on their auto-policy, there are other options. If a person cannot get reimbursed, they can chose to pay by the visit fee or they can purchase a discounted care package. One can consult with a personal injury attorney to assess if their case can be accepted on "lien" basis.  If that happens, your medical expenses and chiropractic care can be covered after your case is settled. Not all chiropractic offices accept cases on the lien due to the lengthy wait period to get reimbursed and the increased amount of time to administer proper paperwork and patient management. We review our client circumstance and accept on case by case basis.

Insurance Coverage

We are not in-network with any insurance company.  If you have out-of-network chiropractic coverage, you can submit your itemized receipt from us and get partially reimbursed depending on your specific deductible and benefits.

We Treat HSA and FSA Patients

If you have a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA),  we will provide you with appropriate itemized receipts that comply with the rules. 


We provide high-quality chiropractic care at affordable rates. We offer convenient online scheduling through our website. All of our availability is online. If you have any questions, please email us at theshiftchiropractic@gmail.com.  Be well!

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