How Chiropractic Care Helps Severe Sports Injuries

Long sessions of consistent training can lead to strain and stress on different parts of your body. You might have experienced excessive or deficient amounts of movement in the past or are currently looking for help to alleviate pressure from physical pain. We’re here to support your daily progress, fitness goals, and postural strength while keeping sports injuries at bay. Learn how to prevent an otherwise month-long recovery from subluxations in the spine and chronic Joint inflammation. Shift your daily performance, prevent sports injuries and treat your body and mind with chiropractic care.

Why Your Body Is Prone To Sports Injuries.

Over time your muscles begin to deteriorate from the excessive pressure caused by training. Sprains, misalignments, and pulled muscles are bound to happen. Without proper alignment, movement and rest, the power at which your body heals lessens.

Another cause is the human anatomy. Our joints were not meant to sustain the damage, although they will develop, from poorly angled strikes at the foot which travel up through the spine. This is the reason for commonly sprained ankles leading to eventual back pain and proper hip hinge function to be lost.

Adapt to Minor Sports Injuries Using The S.H.I.F.T. Method

The good news about minor injuries, they can be treated at home using the R.I.C.E. method and are best accompanied with the help of a chiropractor.

 R.I.C.E. Method:

Responsibility - After an injury, take comfort in the wisdom that you have recovering from previous experiences and learn to listen to your own body and adapt intelligently to the challenge of unexpected injury with your power.

Rest - After an injury, rest the injured area of your body. To avoid a delay in healing, refrain from weight-bearing activities for 24-48 hours.

Intake - identify the injured joint and begin to move it, noticing it's expression in severity, symptom, and signs. Does it radiate? Is it pinpoint? How does it affect your day-to-day? Take inventory of all the ways it is changing your life and get a sense for how to heal.

Ice - Ice the injured joint for 10-20 minutes every four hours to ease pain and reduce swelling.

Calculation - get evaluated immediately for any changes in function by a chiropractor who is specially trained to work with people and analyze for subluxations. The clearer you are about understanding the type of injury the better you will adapt to the damage.

Compression - Wrap the injured joint with an elastic bandage. It should feel snug but avoid wrapping too tightly to maintain proper circulation.

Elevation - To reduce swelling elevate the injury on a pillow at or above the level of your heart.

Use this method immediately and up to 3 days after injury to relieve pain and swelling.

If pain increases or continues, please contact The Shift Chiropractic and Community Wellness for proper evaluation and treatment.

Decrease The Possibility Of Sports Injuries With Chiropractic Care

Injuries occur more often than not, sometimes when you least expect them. However, with chiropractic adjustments, proper stretching, alignment practices and everyday self-care, we can help prevent common sports injuries. Athletes, dancers, weekend warriors and martial artists can find both prevention and proactive treatment measures with the help of a chiropractor. Frequent chiropractic care places your specific concerns and conscious recovery at the center of attention. The goal is for you to learn to listen to your body, bring awareness to the areas of imbalance earlier and have strategies to correct them with consistency.

Stretching beforehand helps reduce sports injuries dramatically.

How Can Chiropractors Help?

Chiropractors specialize in not only proper spine alignment but also help balance other areas of the body including arms, legs, feet, and hands. Chiropractic adjustments effectively treat pinched nerves, stiff joints, neck injuries in the short term relief phase of care. More extended term care helps optimize alignment, sustain healthy body function and releases stress as it accumulates. Additional injuries such as Whiplash and constant nerve pressure from sitting all day can be painful and risk recurring problems throughout life if not healed properly.

Visits to The Shift are comprehensive and often result in relief, improved range of motion, faster recovery time and complete healing. Appointments can be booked on our website, and the prices are set with affordability in mind. Patients often neglect care and continuously suffer, when chiropractors can help them continue training and enjoying life for years to come. Dr. Irina and Dr. Ben from The Shift Chiropractic and Community Wellness will help your wholesome return to the gym, put your best foot forward with activities you need to do and love.


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