How to Choose The Right Oakland Chiropractor

Finding the Right Oakland Chiropractor Can Be Tricky

It is important to acknowledge, is that there are different kinds of chiropractors. Some Chiropractors will take x-rays to determine structural imbalances and others will rely on a series of function focused neurological scans to determine stress levels and energy efficiency. 

Some Chiropractors will offer only long term plans and others short term care plans for all different reasons. 

Every person seeking Chiropractic care has different set of needs and expectations which require a chiropractor who matches these values and goals.

Lets explore 2 examples of how this happens. Take note because you want to avoid these situations from happening. Just want you to be prepared.

Wellness Seeker Sees a Pain Reliever

Proactive people decide to visit a chiropractor because they have a feeling that the tightness they experience when doing their yoga, running or weight training needs the attention of a Chiropractor. A healthy, active person seeking Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Care to support their marathon training, yoga practice or strength training regimen might not get their needs met if they go to a pain based Chiropractor who provides a quick impersonal visit with little connection to their unique situation. 

 Pain Relief Seeker Sees a Holistic Healer

On the other hand, someone who is looking for short term pain relief of a low back or neck ache may unknowingly enter a well rated Chiropractic office which focuses on long term functional change and lifestyle care. In this scenario, the wellness oriented, subluxation based chiropractor is there to help the patient achieve greater levels of wellbeing and help the person reach their performance goals, but in reality the person just wanted to be fixed.

In both cases, the person may leave the clinic thinking Chiropractic is not for them when really they just went to the wrong Chiropractor. It is important to note in these situations, the Chiropractor did nothing wrong but focused on their unique clinical outcome, which unfortunately didn’t match the expectations and needs of the patient.

Often times people don’t think they need to see a chiropractor because they went to a chiropractor once upon a time and didn't have a good experience.

So Many Options to Choose the Right Oakland Chiropractor 

Right now there are over 200 Chiropractors registered to be practicing in Oakland. Each Oakland Chiropractor has their unique set of gifts, skills, talents, office settings, clinical intentions, and techniques that they will use to the best of their ability to help whoever seeks their services. 

There are so many combinations of people going to the wrong Chiropractor and in ways many people overlook or never consider how the variances in Chiropractic approach will validate their decision or push them away from Chiropractic. 

Why we want you to Find the Right Oakland Chiropractor for You

Nobody has time to waste in today's fast paced lifestyle where the inconvenience of shopping for the right health care provider can even lead to people deciding its easier not to see anyone. We want you to see the right Oakland Chiropractor who can support you to meet your goals and provide quality service that you expect from a Chiropractic professional. 

Main Question: Can you find an Oakland Chiropractor Who Can Help You Get your Biggest Needs Met in the Way you Want.

In order to find the right Oakland Chiropractor, you need to recognize the 3 most important things to consider when choosing the right provider.

  • Convenience - Since we are so busy and stretched thin for time, your Oakland Chiropractor needs to be conveniently located next to your commute stop, job, home or a place like a gym that you frequently visit
  • Approach - We have already gone over the different types of Oakland Chiropractors so ask questions about how they practice so you can shape your expectations based on their explanation and description of their services. This will help prevent most of the unexpected experiences you may have at the office you choose to visit.   
  • Cost - Make sure the office you visit has flexible payment options, can produce super bills for your insurance company and is not going to be too unrealistic with the costs of their Oakland Chiropractor care plan recommendations.

Are We the Right Oakland Chiropractor for You?

As conscious Chiropractors who take an expanded holistic outlook on clinical care, we often witness the satisfaction people have when they meet their goal to get out of pain or achieve their personal performance goals. Here are some reviews to learn more about our patients experiences


I've been going to see Dr. Irina since I moved to Oakland from SF in 2016, and she has changed my life. ​I also appreciate that her appointment packages are very reasonably priced, scheduling online is easy, and she's also just an incredibly kind, thoughtful, supportive person who I genuinely love to see every few weeks!




Shift chiropractic is amazing, centrally located in downtown oakland near Bart and bus. They have an amazing staff that will work with your schedule, evening and early morning appointments. 




Your life needs an adjustment!
If you are looking to breathe better, walk better, sleep better or live a better life, I would highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Ben.  He has a whole body, whole life approach to Chiropractic. 



 Sometimes you and your chiropractor may get discouraged by the lack of insight from the experience. After all, throughout the initial intake and ongoing care we collect relevant functional data, identify weak links and help people understand some of the obvious and more subtle ways their imbalances connect to their daily life decisions. 

How could someone not value that doctor visit and prioritize Chiropractic so they can have a trusted advisor helping them balance their body and supporting them through life? 

Simple Answer: The Oakland Chiropractic Approach doesn’t Match Your expectations 

Going beyond the “traditional” approach can help you gain new awareness of your body, learn specific lifestyle strategies and develop skills unique and relevant to your personal goals. However, if that is not what you, the new patients is looking for, then it is irrelevant to the real world circumstances and may feel like a waste of time. Meanwhile, the same approach may leave an active, wellness oriented person feeling like Chiropractic makes sense, aligns with their values and is a no brainer.

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