Oakland Chiropractic is different from conventional medicine – How it differs?

"What you focus on expands so focus on trying to chiropractic for wellness and witness your energy for life expand."

In our Oakland Chiropractic office, the approach is focused on Shifting the inner harmony in an individual so they can have a better life and thus their community and greater humanity will benefit from having more people happy, healthy and living in balance.

How Oakland Chiropractic Care Can Shift Your Physical Function

On a physical level, the chiropractic adjustment releases tension and increases tension that strengthens your body's ability to "communicate neurologically" between the brain and body. This nerve system communication that chiropractors value greatly is integral for a person to have an accurate awareness of how their body is aligned with gravity and moves through space. In other words, people can better see and hear after a chiropractic adjustment, and therefore, have a more connected healing process. Recognize this has little to do with focusing on pain relief, but more on how the body is functioning within. Of course, because people have the short term pain relief in their consciousness when they enter our office, we make effort to meet them where they are and empathize with what they are going through.

What is Oakland Chiropractic Care About?

Mind and Body working together improves function, health and life.

Oakland Chiropractic Analogy: Your Body is Your Car

Think of servicing your body in the same way you service your car. Imagine you are driving and all the sudden you dashboard lights up telling you the car is low on oil. The dashboard of your car is visually telling you this but if it didn't, would you know the car was low on oil?

In this case, you would not be able to tell oil was needed and the same is with spinal alignment, compounding stress loads and neurological tension. In extreme imbalance, you will feel pain or stiffness, but will you respond to the signal in the same way as your car? Probably not and the reason of why is an interesting one to ponder and debate. Is it because you are not visually seeing something that requires attention of a trained professional or is it because there are hundreds of ways you can silence the pain with a pill, supplement or yoga class? What chiropractic provides for you is something that can not be achieved by a pill, supplement or yoga class and its effectiveness has been the anchor that has kept it relevant throughout the generations.

Initial Stage of Healing Pain: How our Oakland Chiropractic Helps You Listen, Learn and Move Through It  

By acknowledging the Stages of Healing, we as chiropractors can appreciate where you are in your healing process. Most often, people enter our office in the beginning stages of healing where there is a disconnected experience presenting and an immediacy to move away from pain present. We know this is not the time to educate people because it will only lead to frustration, resentment, anger and fear inside the person because we are not connecting with the current experience and projecting our beliefs onto an already sensitive and delicate body and mind. The desire to experience less unpleasant sensation, by any means necessary, is what generally leads people towards the disempowered act of taking a medication to numb the experience of the uncomfortable circumstance. 

In this time, we support you with less talking and more listening. We focus our care on you coming in more frequently to receive regular chiropractic adjustments and strategic empowerment so you can feel the support you were looking for in the first place when seeking health care provision. 

Oakland Chiropractor - Listening with the Hands
Oakland Chiropractor - Gentle Pelvic Release

Oakland Chiropractor Care Works (More Than You Think)

A Chiropractor actively listens to the story a person is sharing and will progress to facilitate a healing experience through a chiropractic adjustment, rooted in four things.

Oakland Chiropractic Connection 

You will feel the caring that your chiropractor has for you and personal support you are given when working with a chiropractor who takes time to listen to you

Oakland Chiropractic Acknowledgement  

With an enhanced ability to perceive what causes your pai, stress and discomfort helps your strategize which choices you should make more and less 

Oakland Chiropractic Awareness 

Your focus on energy rich choices and positive postural positioning is intuitive and interestingly more easy to live by and make after getting adjusted over time.

Oakland Chiropractic Action 

The adjustment happens right there on the table immediately and continues to ripple effect through your day and following days as your changing body adapts itself.

Understanding Your Oakland Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractors help people heal by addressing underlying causes of stress that affect mental perceptions, lifestyle behaviors and physical structure. The effects of regular chiropractic care yield many great benefits such as:


More awareness to continually correct posture, deepen the breath and listen to yourself


More flexibility in the spine prevents injury and increases performance day in and out 


Better life with less pain and more confidence in the body to move, act and perform 

Oakland Chiropractic Care is Counterintuitive

Chiropractic takes a counterintuitive approach by aiming to sensitize us to ourselves, instead of attempting to suppress your injurious experience through numbing agents. 

Spiritual Reconnection Through Oakland Chiropractic Care

It is through the ancient technology of moving bones in the body to heal and strengthen the body-mind-spirit which chiropractors call a chiropractic adjustment. 

Recognition of the power that each of us possess inside our body to shift and reconnect with a renewed sense of being is life changing once experienced. 

You can regain personal power to take action by leveraging the energy gained through chiropractic adjustments, which is critical to improving your health over the long term. 

Logical reasoning is difficult to access during challenging times of discomfort and suffering. However, with exceptional chiropractic care, new resources become available to fuel your healing and recovery.   

Oakland Chiropractic Adjustment - Bringing People Inward

Oakland Chiropractic - Less Pain, More Life

Life's too short! Back and Neck pain are not fun. I once had a patient let me know about how badly they suffered because they had no idea what chiropractic could do for them. Recognize that its not just about the pain but what else it could do for you: Going for a run, standing pain free at a party and being able to dance with your closest ones. Make an Appointment, come in see our Oakland Chiropractors and get more Life!