What Quality Oakland Chiropractic Care Looks Like

Oakland Chiropractic Care Educates You on Self-Care 

Moving toward health and healing doesn’t just stop when you get off a chiropractor’s table. Our Oakland Chiropractors use their understanding of your body and their care plan to guide you with proper health coaching that steers you toward optimal health and wellbeing.

Philosophy of Our Oakland Chiropractic Care

Remember the old proverb "teach a person to fish, so they can feed themselves". We really take that seriously because we know Oakland Chiropractic may be a temporary solution in your mind and that ultimately you will rely on your own habits and instincts to sustain your own health and wellness. 

The downtown Oakland chiropractors at The Shift focus on providing the highest quality Chiropractic care. This includes directly addressing spinal subluxations, as well as the lifestyle factors that exacerbate them. This approach empowers our clients to control their health, healing, and wellbeing.

How We Supplement Chiropractic Care

At The Shift, we choose to use education and other modalities that address factors that exacerbate spinal subluxations. In addition to performing adjustments, we also coach on the following topics:

  • Spinal health education
  • Fitness
  • Stress reduction
  • Breathing and breath work
  • Postural correction and exercises
  • Coaching and teaching on proper sleep hygiene
  • Supplementation with vitamins and minerals
  • Emotional wellness and self-work
  • Education regarding electromagnetic stress on the body, caused by devices and smartphones

Why We Take This Approach

With proper education about these additional health factors, our clients make informed decisions regarding their health and wellbeing. Our experience working with a diverse group of clients has shown us that this is the key to consistent clinical success. From a philosophical standpoint, we want Chiropractic adjustments to fuel the body to change in a positive way. We support those changes by teaching our clients what they can do to facilitate the health, healing, and wellness processes.

The downtown Oakland chiropractors at The Shift are here to help people looking for better answers to their health challenges, providing them with strategies they can use when in need. The Shift functions as a healing center that will help you move beyond life’s unexpected situations, positioning you for greater wellness and health.

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