The Value of Adding Chiropractic to your Movement Regimen in 2020

As a Chiropractor, I have the opportunity to live my work moving people with adjustments in the office, getting adjusted myself and then moving and training my body how I like to when out in the world. In this post, we will explore some insights gained on how life can be easier to move through with Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Improves Your Quality of Movement

In this section we will drill down into movement first to understand how intricate it can be to live a balanced movement profile and then look at how chiropractic supports each kind of movement we do.

What does Quality of Movement mean?

I define quality of movement as the ability to perform a move with full range of motion and structural mobility and stability in all the right places.


What is the root cause of Movement quality?

If you notice your stiff, or don't notice but can acknowledge how much sitting you do(like all of us), then chances are you can't move with quality because your joints are not mobile enough and/or able to freely move if the demand was made. The root cause of stiffness traces back to the law of supply and demand. 

How is the Quality of our Movement Determined?

The body demand is high for us to move, but with all the sitting and slouching, our lifestyle choices are not supplying enough to meet those demands. In other words, what your body can and can't do movement wise is dependent about the quality of movement you provide it with every day. When you don't move it enough and in the right kinds of ways, your ability to move with quality worsens. 

What Kinds of Body Movement Should we Practice Daily 

  • Aerobic / Cardio - Running, Swimming, Biking, etc.
    • 7 Days a Week (Minimum of 30 minutes of moderate intensity daily)
  • Anaerobic / Sprinting - Running, Swimming, Biking, Hills, etc.
    • 2 Days a Week (All out for 30 seconds to 2 minutes) 

If you are counting steps, you may be improving upon where you are at, but it's not capturing the totality of what kinds of demands the body hopes you will supply it with. In the old days, our hunter gatherer ancestors moved at a level of quality we can look at as the gold standard because it was similar to todays olympic athletes.

Although I am not advocating we try to begin moving and training at the level of a top performance athlete or a hunter gatherer, I will acknowledge these populations provide a quality blueprint for all of us to better understand how we should move and how often movement is naturally the best choice. 

Daily requirement for Joint health

In regards to movement, our body demands us to practice full range of motion movement to supply our tissues with the nutrients they need on a regular daily basis. 

Therefore, we need simple, quick and efficient routines that allow us to practice our daily movement on a regular basis. Our suggestion as Chiropractors is to practice spinal hygiene like you practice dental hygiene. Here is a video to follow along with for basic spinal hygiene: 

It is important to note that Spinal Hygiene works better with chiropractic care ensuring healthy motion in the spine.

playing an essential role in my ability to live actively and hopefully can reach you, an active person  

Chiropractic improves the quality of movement