Conquer Your Chronic Stress With This Simple Strategy

Stress dominance for extended period of time—NOT GOOD

Body doesn't know whether you are running for your life, arguing with someone, watching the computer screen in a toxic posture

Eventually the body hit's a threshold where the negative, toxic activities that are stressful start to signal pain & aching, itching & tingling, numbness and skin rashes, headaches and hair loss.

The Key is to learn simple strategies to break those stressful signals

Time is an important element in the healthy choice equation so it needs to be something that requires no setup, travel or tools.

Convenience , simplicity and experience of doing the action is also key. in the upcoming series of emails we will go through some basic health hacks for modern living that affect our balance inside and help stack the proverbial cards in our favor so we can enjoy our whole life, aging well, with less injuries episodes and challenges in our way.