The Foot Fist Way

The Foot Fist Way: Build Your Foundation

The human foot has 26 bones and even more joints that all work together harmoniously to conduct our natural walking activity. When asking patients what the primary function of the foot is, they usually reply with “balance” or “Im not sure”. This is a critical question because your feet are at the foundation of your frame. The answer I like to share is that the feet are our “primary shock absorbers” and because gravity is constant we need the foot to be strong as a fist. 

Causes of Weak Feet: Why We Need a Foot Fist

There are many reasons your feet may not be working the way they were designed to:

Eversion Ankle Sprains and Inversion Ankle Sprains

If you sprain an ankle, there will be micro tears at the cellular level which will cause bleeding and inflammation inside the joints of the foot. With time, the blood inside the joint will dry and become like glue, which prevents the bones in the foot from absorbing the force from the ground and tension will build. Eversion ankle sprains are common and not taken seriously enough because the foot will not move normally  and people don't realize it. There is just an awareness that the ankle is stiffer, but people lack the awareness of the importance to take action quickly and get the foot adjusted to restore normal motion so the foot can do what it's supposed to. With the foot fist way you will have stronger feet which will help minimize the amount of tension that builds up with ankle sprains.

How long does a sprained ankle stay swollen? 

It depends on whether the person has a mild or severe sprain, as well as the strength of the feet to help improve blood flow through the joint by moving the bones of the foot properly. More movement, less swelling.

Shoe Sensation: Robbing Your Brain of Foot Stimuli

You wear shoes that change the angle of your ankle by having a heel lift (note:you don’t need to wear high heels to have a significant heel lift, most running shoes and casual footwear have heel lifts) that will create changes in tension at your knees, hips and eventually the spine. Additionally, shoes and socks often create too much of a cushion between our feet, which are supposed to pick up information from the surface beneath them and transfer signals to the brain so that our body can adjust and engage accordingly. This is why the barefoot shoe craze has gained so much momentum, because of its return to mimic our natural foot-ground connection.

Imbalanced Walk Foot and Asymmetrical Walk Feet

It is important to realize that walking is a habitual movement pattern that is either building strong feet that can make a foot fist or are weakening your foundation. Recognize the foot has three arches which are all supposed to be used when walking. The medial, lateral and longitudinal arches of the foot are critical for symmetrical pressure through the foot. Sometimes, however you walk using only the medial arch or lateral arch of your foot and don’t engage your entire foot consciously while taking steps throughout the day. This imbalance can be caused by wearing worn out shoes, old injuries which have changed our walking foot pressure disbursement and also orthotics which have caused an overcompensation that results in asymmetrical walking feet pressure.

Strategies of The Foot Fist Way 

The Foot Fist Step 1: Oakland Chiropractic 

Chiropractors trained specifically to work with active populations will often analyze the foot for movement deficiencies, which could be causing disconnections and weak links in the kinetic chain. Using a wide variety of methods, the chiropractic adjustment can help restore proper function to the foot which could be the missing link in all that you have been trying to figure out is happening in your body. Chiropractic relies on the wisdom of your body to restore balance to the feet without the interference from foot sensation numbing shoes and imbalanced walk foot  

The Foot Fist Way Step 2: Practicing Foot Strengthening Exercises Daily

Create the foot fist and hold it as long as possible.

How to Create a foot fist

Pull your foot towards you while squeezing your toes down and hold this for as long as you can until your foot goes into a spasm. With practice, you will be able to hold the foot fist for longer periods of time and your foot fist will get stronger on the medial and lateral sides.

Building a Strong Foot Fist Step 3: Buy Minimalist Shoes

Get a shoe that gives you a firm contact with the ground beneath you. Our favorite brands are Altra (but many brands offer barefoot style shoes) because of the zero drop which allows for normal heel height when doing walk foot contact with the floor. When walking with minimalist shoes you can create the foot fist with each step.

Refining Your Foot Fist Step 4: Practice Foundation Training

Join a fast growing community of movement enthusiasts who understand how effective specific combinations of posture, breathing and movements can be when done intentionally. Every foundation training move integrates the foot fist because it recognizes the importance of building and sustaining activation under the foot from all three arches. By using the foot Fist, foundation training moves are able to literally connect the spine and back muscles to the foot through integrated engagement.

Discover How Chiropractic Shifts Your Life Towards Wellness and Longevity

We will show you the foot fist way on the first day if you request it

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