Wellness Essentials: The Water Shift

In this post we give you strategies to Shift your Water Intake so you can drink intelligently and achieve less pain because of better function in your body and more wellness in your lifestyle.

Top 5 Wellness Essentials for Water and Conscious Living

1. Don’t dictate the amount of water you drink on thirst (thirst is a form of hunger) 

2. Drink a glass a half hour or so before a meal and a glass or two, one hour after (Maintain stomach acid ph)

3. Drink a tall glass of warm water first thing in the morning with fresh lemon juice (Good for Digestion)

4. Drink a tall glass of water before you go to bed to avoid dehydration during sleep 

5. Find a local spring or get a filter so you can consume fresh, clean, distilled water (Environment Adaptation)

Our Recommended Water Filter

Some of the ways we personally hydrate is with a pure effect water filter. You can learn more about it or get one here: www.pureeffectfilters.com

How to decide on the proper water filter?

Look at your county water report and look at what your filter is taking out. Take a look at the Alameda county water report 2016

There are many toxins in our water so you need to use a water filter at your house. Even consider the water you use to take a shower. When the water is hot, it opens up your pores and if the water is filled with toxins they can enter your body through your skin. 

Water Additions for Flavor and Nutrients

Some of the ingredients we like to put in our morning water bottle is:

1. Bitters - Tonify the pancreas and other organs while providing good flavor for the water

2. Lemon/Lime/Cayenne - Alkalizing and flavorful

3. Salt - Himalayan Pink or Celtic Grey to Activate and enhance absorption. Read more about that at http://www.dancingwithwater.com/articles/salt-ormus-and-full-spectrum-living-water/

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